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Features: Rectangle (shape); Textile Material: 100% Polyester; Material: Fill 1: Polyester Fiber; Fill Density: Medium; Pillow style: Back Sleeper Pillow; TCIN: 76809417; These medium density pillows provide perfectly soft, gentle yet firm lift for all the natural care you need as you sleep. Perfect for all sleeping styles - Back, Side & Stomach Sleeper. Stay cool with the comfortable, breathable 100% Cotton Casing for a durable, high quality pillow that is sure to last. This bedding is pliable and can be customized to your sleeping style. Unlike feather pillows our pillows are designed to be safe for adults and children alike including those with allergy problems. This hypo allergenic pillow is filled with a generous amount of 100% polyester cluster fiber fill.; Medium DensityPillows best for stomach & back sleepers.Back SleeperPillows designed for back sleepers.
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