Sarah Chapman

£ 128.00

A cutting-edge three-step extraction device, Sarah Chapman’s ingenious Pro Pore Refiner has harnessed ultrasonic technology to excavate all of the ‘gunk’ that gets stuck in your pores to leave skin looking porcelain smooth.The next best thing to professional treatments, this fast-acting gadget is perfect for all those who’re plagued by enlarged pores or breakouts. With three phases, the first of which combines thermo-therapy and ionic cleansing to warm and soften skin – ensuring that it’s ripe for the ‘extracting’ – this compact device makes light work of removing residual make up and blackhead-inducing detritus. Using ultrasonic vibrations, the next phase then loosens the dirt, oils and debris before phase three – the Extraction Phase – involves ‘vacuuming’ over the congested areas, literally sucking the ‘yuk’ out to leave your pores perfectly purged.

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