Glow Recipe

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Uniting a full size Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask with an avocado-embroidered eye mask, this creamy formula is laced with plenty of avocado to deeply nourish, manuka honey to protect against environmental stressors and firm, and PHA (poly hydroxy acid) to very gently exfoliate away dead skin cells so you can wake up glowing. Sweet dreams! Working overnight to deeply moisturise, illuminate and soften dry skin, this creamy formula is enriched with four forms of avocado (that’s avocado fruit, avocado extract, avocado oil, and avocado butter) to ensure you get a rich supply of oleic and linoleic acids for a wonderfully nourished finish. Ideal for dry, tired, sensitive and dull skin types, it’s also swirled with manuka honey to visibly firm and moisturise while protecting against harmful environmental aggressors, not to mention a little kaolin clay to purify pores and balance. Lending brightening effects is the gentle giant of skin care acids, poly hydroxy acid (PHA) – which works by very carefully buffing away dead skin cells to reveal fresh and glowy ones underneath.

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