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Kitty Cot

$ 44.95

With Kitty Cot Original World's Best Cat Perch, the curious cats in your household can keep an eye on their indoor and outdoor kingdoms all at once. Using patented giant suction cups, this kitty ledge mounts securely to any window and will hold up to 25 pounds—room for two cuddle buddies (or one Maine Coon). There are no tools needed to install, and you can place it at any height either inside or outside the window. The hammock is made of tough, weather-resistant fabric that’s easy to clean but also makes a comfy spot for catnaps. Cats love being up high, and with their own special spot, they can sprawl out in the sunlight and catch some bird-watching action in the backyard. It’s great for keeping your cat entertained, and you can make it super cozy with her favorite blanket or bed on top.

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