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An Art Nouveau enamel covered box by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The intricate design features vines with tendrils culminating in paisleys almost replicating a Henna pattern and an example of Indian patterns that influenced Tiffany's work. In the late 1870s Tiffany's partnership with Lockwood De Forest resulted in an introduction to the East Indian craft that attributed to the revival of Gilded Age America. This covered box is an example of such influence with a gold background and highlights with the blue enamel paisleys, circa 1890s.Several pieces of Tiffany's enamelware are marked with a four-digit number preceded by an "S." Since there are only a handful of such objects available, it may be that Tiffany designed them for himself, or to fulfil special commissions. The Tiffany & Co. archives contains many drawings marked "S.O." for items sold as commissioned. Perhaps "S" was Louis Tiffany's way of identifying those earmarked for an exhibition, a special client, or himself.A similar jar is featured in: The Jewelry and Enamels of Louis Comfort Tiffany by Janet Zapata, p. 69.Signed, "S903 K".

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