Want to save money on designer clothing and be the first to know about great sales? Drew Scott shares his top five money-saving hacks to buy amazing designs online for a fraction of the retail price.

1) The Best Money Saving App Ever!
An amazing app named Shoptagr is the best way to save money and time when looking for designer clothing. It’s like a personal shopping assistant that is always on the lookout for great deals. After downloading it, users tag their favorite items and note their desired size and color. Shoptagr notifies users, via email or mobile push notification, when the price of tagged items drop or an item is back in stock after selling out. Users can also share collections and wish lists with friends on social media. Download the app for web or mobile to start saving money like the savviest fashion influencers on the internet. For example, Drew found a silver Saint Laurent boot from Essence by adding it to his collection. He snagged the boots at 60% off, in his size before they sold out, thanks to an email he received from Shoptagr.

2) Sign up for Newsletters from Favorite Websites
It can really pay off to sign up for newsletters from select brands. Not only does it offer a peek inside what’s coming soon, but retailers often send subscribers promo codes and discounts on their birthday, subscriber anniversary and other important dates. It’s free money.

3) The Abandon Cart Method
This hack works with fashion, event tickets and much more. Many websites track user activity and will send a discount code or coupon to online shoppers who almost complete the purchase process, but stop short. They’ve “abandoned their carts.” The discount code is an incentive to come back and complete the purchase. It’s a great marketing tactic companies use to turn an “almost customer” into an official customer. Drew saved 70% off a Coachella ticket using this hack!

4) International Sites are Your Friend
Different countries have different tax laws. Certain international websites don’t charge sales tax on merchandise. Use Shoptagr to find the best deals on designer items and save sales tax on top of the lowest price alert. Drew saved about $50 on a pair of $500 shoes and didn’t pay any tax on them because he bought them on Mr. Porter, a UK-based company that doesn’t charge sales tax for online orders.

5) Follow Brands on Social Media
Many retailers give their followers sneak peeks about flash sales, upcoming promotions and other deals that will save money and give users the inside scoop on deals. It’s a great way to find out about savings even before newsletter subscribers do. Follow the best designer brands and websites, and watch for contests, promotions, and fun ways to interact with retailers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Don’t forget to download Shoptagr to make all of these hacks easier and to start saving time and money.